♥ 9-10 DPO ♥

Soooo I'm either 9-10 DPO and still haveing nausea in the AM and PM but during the day I'm ok.....But I'm having cramps but they aren't as strong as I remember last BFP.....so I'm not sure if it's the weather making me feel sick. I have blue veins but I'm still not convinced. I thought surely as long as I've been having symptoms or what I tell myself are symptoms that I'd have a BFP already......maybe it's holding off until tomorrow for Dh's birthday....I can only hope. Oh and I feel very warm in the face every day and I have killer headaches. And I'm tired, I took 3-4 naps yesterday in the deer woods....LOL

well it was neg. 0.2 to be exact. I know it's early but I figured all the symptoms there would have to be something......I was wrong. I wonder if I just wanted it so bad my subconsious made the symptoms? I don't know I'll just keep believing it was to early until AF shows or doesn't show. Last BFP is was just the same I tested early and neg. another 0.2 and I had blue veins on my breast and the works.....a week later no AF just spotted a day or two so Dr. made me get another beta and it was BFP 19.....so I refuse to get upset.....yet.....I wanted so badly to give DH a wonderful B-day present but I guess he'll just have to be happy with me.....LOL

I apprecitate your inthusiasm..but I'm now more worried.....I noticed last night a spec of pink tinged CM as if AF was fixing to show early....I'm praying it's just implantion as I did have that with my BFP's.....and about this time but I'm also worried b.c last month I thought I might have miscalculated O and AF showed early but now I'm thinking I timed O right I'm thinking maybe a luteal defect.....10-11 days instead of 14 days..... Oh and DH's birthday turned out great....we got him a birthday cake with our dump truck on it.....It said happy birthday and in big letters MAGILL'S PILE DRIVER

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