***CD 21 - 7dpo *** - no symtpoms

im starting to feel as though this is not my month...i have had no symptoms that would lead me to think im preg...plus i just dont have the gut feeling ill hang in there though til AF shows next week.... SSBD to all **************

We live to hope. Without hope we don't have life. Just think positive. sometimes it's motivate you and give you more self-confident. Each month past, i lost my hope to conceive and I wanted to give up. but then that's life. Life is a big disappointment unless you choose how to live your life. Just believe and have faith. If AF visit you this month, then try next month. I know it's not easy to say that, but if you don't try, then you never reach your goal. I will walk with you 2ww journey. I have same feeling and same belief with all 2wwers. Our prayer will be answer, just the matter of time. Take care

Shopping is my big hobby and helps take the mind of things. I'm planning to go to Daffys during lunch bec I decided that I need a rectangular dish for the cake I'm making for Thanksgiving. So yes anything that can distract me is good. However talking to friends doesn't help anymore. Many of my friends already have kids, and that's the only thing they talk about, and although I wish them all good luck and their kids are great, I just can't relate. And this is definitelly one topic I don't discuss with my friends.

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