Honesty or ignore - Forum Etiquette Question?

this isn't about fertility - it's a question about how to answer some of the posts. Has a general rule, do you ignore a post that you would only have caution or 'negative' stories to post or do you answer people honestly when they ask a question? I think it is hard to read people's stories and not offer my story or experiences, but I don't want to be the downer for someone, either! When I posted, I always wanted people's answers no matter what they were - it helped me keep perspective about things - but I don't know what other folks think! Thanks...just wondering...

I think this is a hard one where you just have to use your own discretion for each individual question. I know that if I posted a question I would want any answers (good or bad), and if I can answer a question I try to as best I can. Recently someone posted a question about their upcoming HSG test, wanting other peoples experiences. I had a really, really bad (and painful) experience with mine and I posted this, as I felt that I went in for my HSG really unprepared by my gyn and I replied in a way that I wish my gyn had. But having said this, if someone posts about their dropping or non-doubling HCG levels and you have experienced this and it ended badly or you know that it doesnt look promising, I think you are more likely to post something supportive, because I guess most of us wouldnt have the heart to be the bearer of bad news and ultimately I guess you hope things end better for them.

I agree too.. it's nice to just have honesty. Oddly enough, I've sort of wondered the same thing. I recently posted my updated HCG numbers asking for advice/comments b/c I am a little nervous about what they may mean for my pregnancy, and I noticed that so far no one has responded to them. Now, that doesn't bother me b/c there are a LOT of posts on this forum so sometimes the posts get bumped down to the bottom... I don't take it personally. But I have wondered the same thing... whether I'm not getting any advice on that topic b/c people just don't want to tell the truth in that situation. Anyway... I think it's always good to tell the truth.... we're here for advice (happy or sad).

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