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hi there, first let me start by saying I have been following your posts and hope all is well with you. I do have a question about IVF with egg donors. First of all my donor is doing a split cycle, no biggie one donor 2 reciepents.anyway. she is 32 was due for her period on the 9th of this month and she never got it, had an ultra sound all is good and they are going ahead with everything. 1) should I be concerned that she did not get her period. 2) the meds I have to take are progesterone in oil, Doxycylcine and prometrium. When My RE called me The nurse was in a hurry to get off the phone so I did not get a chance to ask her,. isnt prometrium progesterone??? I mean I thought prometrium was a synthetic form of progesterone., I kind of thought I would have to take estrogen, so I am asking you what your protocol was. thanks in advance for your help, hi hannah, this is just an update for you, so I didnt take up 2 posts, I am so excited but scared to death too. great pic on your profile.. your looking good. Luci

Hey there Luci! I've been thinking about you because I know that you're getting ready for your donor cycle. I'm so excited for you! Now to the meds - prometrium is human produced progesterone not synthetic (that is Provera) so you're right . I didn't do the vaginal suppositories (prometrium) - just the progesterone in oil starting on the day of the donor's retrieval. My protocol called for bc pills to line up our cycles, then Lupron to suppress the ovarian function on me, then on cycle day I think 15 I started estrogen patches which built up the lining of the uterus. As far as your donor not getting her period, that is funny because how do they know if your's and her's cycles are in sync? I'm sure that they have a reliable method to make sure that it has but I'd ask a question about it. I didn't do a split cycle; i wasn't even offered that option. Let me also echo Hannah's sentiments - plan for the best! Btw, I read an article a while back on the internet written by an re that said donor ivf is the most successful ART procedure so your chances are so good!!!! I'll look for that article & share it w/you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to im me at any time! Sending much ssbd to you!!!!! - jennifer

thanks so much hannah, I am scared and excited. lol I already know how I am going to tell my DD who is nine, If I do get pregnant, I should find out right around christmas. well, my DD keeps asking me, Mommy why do you want another baby, you always said I am your baby, well walmart has this book/cd with the song you'll always be my baby. so If i get a BFP I am going to buy that and wrap it up in baby paper..

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