Pregnant with PCOS?

After 3 years of no periods I was diagnosed with PCOS. Dr. put me on Metformin in May/June. Since July my period has come every 2nd of the month on the dot (weird I know). My last period was Oct 2 and I was due for my next November 2... it is now almost two weeks late but three pregnancy tests have come out negative. I’ve been feeling symptoms of pregnancy since Mid October but wasn’t sure if I could rely on that alone. Could I be pregnant? Could I be reverting back to not having any periods? Can PCOS cause the tests to come out negative when I am in fact pregnant, or is this just wishful thinking?

if i were you i would get a blood test done, thas the only way ull know for sure if ur preg. or not, sometimes PCOS does that, your period just dosent show even dough your not preg. it happend to me too like 2 times, once my RE put me on provera and the other time i was on prometrium they are both meds to jump start your period...good luck.

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