tww again!!!

So, I had my laparoscopy last week on Thursday. It went really well and I recovered pretty quickly. My doc said I can start to bd anytime I feel like it. Well, I got a positive OPK last night and we bd’d this morning :) It was great feeling completely back to normal again!!! I am pretty sure that just a few days after a surgery will not give me much of a chance and we did not do anything to help conception this month. However, a glimmer of hope is better than no hope. I’d rather be in tww land than just waiting for AF. I have my post-op visit next Tuesday but I don’t think the surgery affected ovulation. I typically get a positive OPK on cd 12 and that’s exactly when I got it! So, since my doc repaired whatever was wrong with me I am hopeful again…. SSBD to everyone in the same tww boat!!!

I thought of you last night! I read an article in a medical journal that abstaining for 3 days before bd is the most optimal and improves your chances the most! So, your chances should be pretty good! Unfortunately, abstaining for more than 10 days is the worst which is what happened with us because of my surgery :( So, we timed it well but our chances are really small. In experiments with IUI those who abstained for over 10 days had only 3% success rate. And we didn't even do IUI or anything! Oh well, like you said, we may have 2 chances next month!

ms320, I am in the same boat as you are. Got my positive OPK Monday night and checked last nigt again and it was positive again. I hope I O'd over night or else our timing was a bit off. If you again miss your period you should talk to your doc. I would be suspicious.... Empty, if you are very regular, you probably O'd around the same time you typically would. My positive OPK always comes on cd 12 or 13 even if CM gives me conflicting evidence. I hope this month works out for you!

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