IUI and 2 week wait

Did IUI this morning, doctor said I had 5 good follicles and the washed sperm count was 11.5 and anything over 10 is great, I am sooo hoping this works He told me to either come back in 12 days for blood work or wait 2 weeks to see if I get my period, not sure which I will do BUT I can not wait to find out ... I soooo hope this works for us

The RE never could find any problems, so we were classified as "unexplained infertility". We did all kinds of tests (HSG, laproscopic surgery to check for endo or scar tissue, DH had a great sperm count, etc) and our RE never did find anything! I guess you could call it plain ol' bad luck!

5 follicles that's great.. What size did they measure..... what does ur uterine linning measure I have done couple of IUIs but always had 2-3 follies none of them worked? Where are getting ur IUI done? My issue is diminished ovarian reserve though i am only 31 now

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