Very worried about HCG levels..

I'm starting to get a bad feeling in my gut about my BFP. As I posted last week, I found out on Halloween (Wednesday) that I was pregnant. My HCG was at 45 and my progesterone was at 24 (these were done 14 DPIUI). I had more bloodwork done on Friday (of last week) and my HCG went up to 83, while my prog went up to 25. At the time, the nurse told me that they want to see the # go up at least 60%, but it is best if it doubles (in 48 hours). So mine was darn close to doubling (from 45 to 83), but not quite. She didn't seem too concerned b/c it was at least in that 60%-doubling "window". I went back in today for more bloodwork and my HCG went up to 229 and my prog went down to 19. She didn't seem that worried about the progesterone dropping (she said anything could cause that to happen). However, she sounded much less optimistic this time. Showing you guys the quick big picture here... within the 4 days since my last blood draw, my numbers should have been between 211 and 330. So with 229, I am in that safe area, but really darn close to being near the very minimum that they like to see. She pretty much told me that it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad (ectopic), but it doesn't look great either... as she put it, I'm still "on the fence". She really couldn't tell me anything else... she just didn't sound happy about it, which in turn makes me worry like hell that my baby isn't going to stick. I'm going back on Friday for more bloodwork and hopefully by then the numbers will jump up where they need to be. I've been so happy and optimistic... now it feels like I'm mourning already. I just want some answers... I know whatever is going to happen will happen. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had a similar situation where their #'s were a little screwy, but it still ends in a healthy pregnancy? Any info will help a lot!

As best I can tell, my numbers are looking better today. My HCG was 229 on Tuesday and today (Friday) they are 505. Unfortunately the nurse who called me with my results was in the middle of eating her afternoon snack (couldn't really be bothered with too many questions it seemed) and she honestly didn't seem to know what she was talking about. When I pushed her into telling me whether 505 was good/bad/neutral she just said that it was "within the range and I should be cautiously optimistic". That was about it... she kept saying that the numbers should double in 48 hours... but everything I read online said that it should double within 48-72 hours. So going by that, my numbers did double in 72 hours (in fact, they MORE than doubled)... I was just confused why she still seemed "iffy" about whether or not I was in the clear... to me the numbers looked good, right? Am I understanding this all correctly? Either way I don't have to do any more bloodwork until next Friday (so a week off in between.. woohoo). And then I have to call on Monday to schedule a pregnancy ultrasound for 11/19 or 11/20. That does make me feel better knowing they're finally going to do an u/s... I wanna see the little bean in there.. I think that will let me breathe a sigh of relief! So, confused though I am with these darn numbers, I'm choosing to just let it be and go back to being ridiculously happy that I'm pregnant!! (However, as always... I welcome advice on what you guys think of these numbers... good/bad?). Thanks for all of the positive thoughts guys!

hey not fair!!! i gotta wait till the 27th before i got my u/s done!! urrr lol jk thas good at least you get to see your baby and maybe relax a little, i know i was told that im done with blood work but im worried i kind of wish i wasent and still get to see how my numbers are doing its not good to not know lol im soo weird i know, i feel the same as you till i get to see the baby on the u/s i wont stop worrying...let me know how ur numbers do on friday, ive been having morning sickness i wake up gagging to the point where i ran to the bathroom and i vomit but not much really comes out (sorry) but at least i know that this is a good sign and at the end it will be all worth it riteee? i went shopping for baby room today with my mom it was soo exciting...i got a number for this guy who does murals for the baby room i got soo many ideas already but i better wait till after the holidays im just getting too excited!! ahhaa cant wait to hear from you!! take care.

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