2nd BETA Results are in.........

Hello ladies. My second Beta results are in. 11/12 HCG- 391, Progesterone -31.8, Estradiol- 353 11/14 HCG--956, Progesterone -32.8, Estradiol-245. My RE increased my estradiol just in case, but she said everything looks great so far. We will do U/S after thanksgiving. She thinks it is twins. Thank you all.

Yes . I did take progesterone shots, Prometrium (vaginally) 3xday, prenatal vitamins, Cod liver Oil and some other supliments my acupuncturist gave me. I am not sure how thick, but remember RE saying it looked wonderfull. Good luck

congrats....I am so happy for u all the best Have a healthy pregnancy I had a question did u take any supplements of progesterone or estrogen? how thick was ur linning?

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