Clomid and early ovulation?

How early might you ovulate on Clomid? I am on 100mg CD 3-7 this month and started having strechy, egg-white CM today--on CD 11!!! I dont have any OPKs--I guess I'll go buy some tomorrow...but I've heard that sometimes they dont work when you're on clomid. Last month, I was on 50mg and had a trigger shot on CD 15. I think I O'd on CD 16. I have my u/s on Friday which will be CD 13. If I've already O'd will they be able to tell? I'm charting my temps, but just started temping this month 2 days ago (I wanted to wait until a few days after my last clomid pill so I wouldnt get weirdly high temps).

I guess I'm going to forego the OPKs again this month. I mean, if I do get the trigger shot tomorrow then it really wont matter because I'll sort of know when I'll O. My temp. didnt spike or go up this morning, so I know I didnt O yesterday. I'm just hoping that my follies are good enough tomorrow that I can get the trigger!

I think the clomid did that to you. I have +OPK on CD7 and ovulated on CD14. so might want to go with your CM rather than OPK, sometimes it's work, sometimes it doesn't. I suggest you better BD today and tomorrow for sure. don't go with OPK Good luck

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