today is CD22 and im 8dpo the only things im noticing is sporatic light pain in my bbs and sporatic pressure in my pelvis area...any thoughts...maybe there's still hope?

I think 2ww it's like contagious disease, addiction or whatever you call. everytime i am 2ww, i always test HPT early and sometimes i spent 2 boxes (3 each) HPT and turn to be BPN. This time I promised myself not do any HPT right on 11/24 or when i miss my period. Well, i hope i can do it. Just like when you quit smoking and it's tempting you to do it. We are in 2ww, I will all the best you all ladies. I send baby dust to you all. Hopefull all 2wwers will get BFP and we can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with joy and happiness Take care

thanks really trying not to get excited this time around...the disappointment is killing me and dh so this month i swore i wasnt going to read into everything but its beginning....

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