Period. Please help

right. i'm 19. my last period was on the 14th October. I had sex a week later and the condom unfortunately broke. 2 weeks later. i took a pregnancy test because i was feeling sick. recently i've been under alot of stress, feeling faint, boils on my head. i went to the doctor. they put me on tablets to relax my muscles and calm me down. I took the pregnancy test and it came up negative. Now i'm having brown discharge which is quite dark. I know that stress can hold your period back. I've been looking on the web and its showing signs of pregnancy but the test has come up negative so i know i'm not pregnant. plus i'm not getting any symptoms. Any suggestions would be much apprieciated. thanks!.X

You may just be experiencing spotting b/f your period. I did not start spotting until I was around 25 years old. It freaked me out at first b/c I had never had it before. It sounds like that may be what the brown discharge. I always get it now for a few days b/f I start. Good luck...

i see! well i seem to be having a really light period but it isnt normal. its like dark brown blood. old blood. flakey blood. is this normal to have under stress??

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