Trying to get pregnant -need advice

I have been so confused! first time trying to get pregnant... my doctor suggested or prescribed me letrozol-femara for 5 days, then they did the ultrasoung and said that I had good sign or ovulating...don't understand much of that. then he prescribed me the Ovidrel which i did two days ago, and I'm confused now, the doctor just told me to wait and see what happens. Should I have intercourse everyday now, what it's supposed to happen when I took Ovidrel.? I never really ovulate, I was diagnosed with PCO a few years back. Last month they gave me the birth control pills to get my period. But the Doctor asked me if I was readly for a baby, I said yes, 5 to 6 days after my period was over that's when I visited him and he gave me the Femara-Letrozel medicatio for 5 days, then they ran ultrasound twice to monitor and they saw the eggs was forming and it was a good sign, then he gave me the injection which I did this Wednesday, I had sex last Saturday, and Monday and Tuesday when I injected the Ovidrel....Anyone familiar with this.???????

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