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I was reading this, I have been so confused my doctor suggested or prescribe me letrozol-femara for 5 days, then they did the ultrasoung and say that I had good sign or ovulating...don't understand much of that. then he prescribe me the Ovidrel which i did two days ago, and I'm confused now, the doctor just told me to wait and see what happens. Should I hve intercourse everyday now, what it's supposed to happen when I took Ovidrel.? I don't ovulate, I was diagnosed with PCO, and Last month they gave me the birth control pills to get my period, the Doctor asked me if I was readly for a baby, I said yes, 5 to 6 days after my period that's when I visit him and he gave me the Femara-Letrozel medicatio for 5 days, then they ran ultrasound twice to monitor and they saw the eggs was forming and it was a good sign, then he gave me the injection which I did this Wednesday, I had sex last Saturday, and Monday and Tuesday when I injected the Ovidrel....Anyone familiar with this.????????

ok Femara is like clomid it should help you produce more follicles which at a certain point they became mature enough and they are called eggs, yes the ultrasound is to see if the meds is working and to monitore your follicles once they have reached a certain size usually 19mm or more they tell you to inject yourself with a trigger shot in this case you did Ovedril 24-36 hrs later you are suppost to ovulate thas how it you said you did the Ovedril Wednesday ...i would have had sex for the next 3-4 nites in a row or every other nite if you had sex on Saturday you still have a pretty good chance beacuse that would have been aroud 36 hours surprised the doctor dint tell you this...when are you due for your next period? now once you did the Ovedril it usually stays in your system for 10 days so if you test before 10 days you might get a false postive, so i would wait a good 2 weeks and than if you period test...GOOD LUCK.

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