I have a question, I am kinda new at this

I have been trying to conceive for 5 months now. My current doctor told me I have PCOS and I have not had a period without being on BC since I was 15....he has been giving me Provera which was not working until last month..I took it for 5 days and then 13 days later I started to bleed..I went to see him and he said that most likely I was ovulating ( but it lasted 5 days) so anyway I took the progesterone test about 10 days after that to see if I ovulated and I didnt... ( I have not ovulated the whole 5 months ) anyway this month he told me to take progesterone again and my last pill was monday and tonight I started to see blood...how do I know if it is my period??? My doctor said when I started I needed to call because he was going to take me off Clomid and try Femara... Does anyone have any info on that drug??? Does it work well ( Clomid didnt help at all) Any help would be great...getting pregnant is so confusing!!!!

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