hey there 2WW'ers

how are you ladies feeling today? i noticed yesterday some very mild cramping that lasted only a short bit but im convinced its AF getting ready to make her appearance next Tuesday... other than that i really havent had any tell-tales symtpoms this month but im still hanging in there **CD 22 and 8dpo....getting closer

I am confused about the date I O'd. I got a positive OPK on Monday night and then again on Tuesday night and I tested again last night and the surge was on its way down. However, my temps are still below 98 today. I started feeling ovulation pain last night and that's when I typically O, cd14, but now I am all confused. I thought ovulation happens about 24-48 hours after you first get a positive OPK. That would indicate last night at the latest. I guess I am only 1 dpo just startinmg my tww due to late ovulation. Does anyone know whether LH has to be out of your system completely when you O or just on its way down?

I think you are right. BBT is not very informative but CM typically gives me good guidance. I mentioned that it stopped being stretchy today so I probably O'd when I supposed to. For me OPK typically stays positive for no more than 24 hours and is a good guide as well. Of course, I probably only have 1 follicle since I did not take any drugs this cycle. You are way ahead of me in tww. I hope this is your month and you'll get that BFP in about a week!

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