I just fell

Ladies, When I walked on the parking lot, i lost my balance and fell. Do you think it's affect me on conceiving or implanting? I am in 5DPO right now. I fell pretty hard, got bruises and scrape on my hand, my legs and arms. will i be already or you think wil cause me. i am 2ww right now. Just worry and ask for advise. Thanks

Ouch, hope you're not hurt too badly. I wouldn't worry about it affecting your chances of conception. Even thoug it may have been hard and painful, a slip and fall rarely causes major trauma in younger people. Just relax and tend to your wounds. It will give you something to do during the TWW. SSBD

I was in a motorcycle accident a few months ago I was worried about that too. Well guess what... I ended up with BFP that cycle! I've only had 2 BFPs in 3 years! I ended up having a m/c that cycle too. :( But it had nothing to do w/ the accident.

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