Prolactin levels and fertility

Long story somewhat boobs were leaking milk when I was about 22 and I went to the Dr.. He did blood work and an MRI (to make sure I didn't have any tumore, that was neg., thank gosh)and said my prolactin level was too high. They checked it again later that year and the level was ok for someone who was not preggo. My boobs have never stopped leaking. They leak only enough that you can squeeze a drop of milk out if you are trying to. I was reaading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it dawned on me that this might be our fertility issue. Apparently if prolactin levels are too high it inhibits estrogen making. You need estrogen to make the cervical mucus to concieve (conceive) . Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions or comments? I am going to the DR. on Tuesday and would love to be well prepared. Are there any easy remedies?

hi there, ill try to make my story short too, i was dx with PCOS in nov.06 and was put on met. after 6 months with no luck, my OB put me on clomid and told me to go back in 1 month, well i dicthed him and started seeying an RE, he also put me on clomid but i was monitored and with trigger shot to help me ovulate, 4 rounds of clomid one failed IUI, we decided it was time to move into injections, right when i was about to start i was dx with high prolactin levels, now i never knew what that was, i never had any leaking from my breasts before so i was clueless, i also underwent an MRI to rule out pituatary tumor, which was negative, i was put on meds for the high prolactin levels at the time mines were 44 i had to skip 1 month and when i went back to start the injections my prolactin levels were down to 8 perfect! i was told by my nurse that when ttc and prolactin levels are high changes of getting pregnant are slim to none, so i would talk to you doc. about putting you on meds for it, im taking dostinex and i only take half of a pill twice a week, which isint bad at all, i am not 5w6d pregnant and waiting for my first u/s rite after thanxgiving, i hope i helped you a little and if you have any questions feel free to ask! good luck. Elisa

Hi summer0728 and Want2BeMamma! I've never really considered prolactin levels, since I ovulate every month and have a regular cycle...but after reading your posts I did some research, and now I'm wondering if maybe I should have that checked. Like I said, my cycles are normal, but for the past five years or so, I've had a little bit of discharge from my nipples, only when expressed. I've had three mammograms done, and although they found an unexplained "mass" on the two first ones, it dissapeared, and I don't have to come back for another one. The doc said discharge is fairly common...but I'm also having problems getting pregnant. I've had two miscarriages over the last two years. Been trying for almost three now. Both took more that a year to conceive. Oh, and my progesterone was low with the second one (they never checked with the first one). Also, I always have tender, sore breasts two weeks before my period, which I read can be caused by prolactin. Do you guys think it would make sense to have my prolactin levels checked at all? Also, is this a test that has to be done on a specific cycle day, like some of the other hormone tests? Thanks in advance for your help!

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