Early pg symptom?? lots of watery CM after O???

I've been trying to google an answer for this and I've come up with all sorts of things, so I figured I'd pose the question to the knowledgeable ladies of this forum. I won't bore you with a long history, but to be brief - I have PCOS and suspected endometriosis, I was ttc a over a year, 5 rounds of clomid were unsuccessful, and I was supposed to have a lap last month to confirm the endo, but I got the flu so it's rescheduled for 12/20. I've been on metformin all along, but since I've been on a TTC "break" since July (stopped charting, testing...everything!) and I figured I had some more time to spare til my surgery, I thought I'd give herbs a try. I'm still taking the metformin, but I also took Vitex and Evening Primrose Oil this month. The only monitoring I did was some POS clearblue O tests around O time (I'm trying not to obsess and stress myself out anymore), and I JUST ABOUT got a positive (enough that I may have just missed the surge or my pee was too diluted). My cycle has been unusually regular for the past couple of months, but before I started this TTC b.s. I would go months w/o, af so it wouldn't be surprising to me if I was just extremely late. HOWEVER - about four days ago (approx 12dpo) I got so light-headed and sick to my stomach at work out of NO WHERE, I thought I was gonna fall over. This was accompanied by a crazy mood swing, where I felt like killing everyone around me for no reason. The dizziness lasted into the night. I thought I just had to eat, but that wasn't it. I was SO sure this was pregnancy all the way, that I went right to the pharmacy and got some tests. That day was BFN. Anyway, for the past 4-5 days I have been getting TONS of watery CM. It seems like I get more and more each day. In the past I have had a day or two w/a little bit just before af, but nothing like this. I feel like I need to wear a liner or something cuz my underwear is always soaked (sorry if tmi). So I'm about 2 days late now (if my O prediction was right) and I took a FRER HPT 2 days ago first thing in the am and got a BFN - but still no af. I've been having minor tinges of cramps too like af was coming, but no af. My breasts have also been tender but only on the outsides under my arms. Mostly I'm just wondering about the tons of watery CM. Has anyone who's been pregnant ever experienced that?

I'm sorry, but I haven't experienced what you're describing. It almost sounds more like you're about to ovulate. Although, the sore boobs and mild cramping does sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms. Maybe, to be sure, you could do another OPK test, and if that's negative, wait a few days and try another HPT. Good luck!

Sounds like you should take another test first thing in the morning tomorrow if no AF shows up. Good luck!! I hope it's a BFP and you will not need that surgery. P.S. I lived in Ithaca for years and I sooo miss Finger Lakes!!!!! You are so lucky you live there.

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