How long after implantion til BFP

Just curious I had a beta on Monday it was BFN 0.2 well on tuesday night I saw a spec. I'm talking a spec of blood and then Wednesday a good amount only if I wiped and wiped deep. well Wednesday night it turned to brown tinged CM and yesterday stopped today absoulutely nothing. So I'm hoping it's implantion and if it is how long til I get a BFP? I'm still getting BFN.

Af is due today that's why the spotting before hand had me confused. Usually I spot 1 day and then boom AF full flow the next. Well I started spotting like I said Tue. and then Wednesday it turned brown that night and then yesterday nothing and this morning nothing.....and well about 10 minutes ago I saw red.....I'm just glad she showed before the beta.......I'm kinda excited about this cycle....I'm getting my clomid back so I'll have a huge amount of meds to take but all worth it if I can get a BFP that sticks.

im not a doctor in anyway but what i recall reading about this question in the past is that as soon as implantation occurs your body will begin producing HCG which will begin to double every 2-3 days. You should give it time to build up so that it can be detected in your urine. I would suggest trying with Sunday mornings urine...that might be enough time Good luck and keep us posted =)

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