grammy64, hopngfortwns08, ZevasMom-FET Update

Thanks again for all your well wishes. Just wanted to let you know that our embryo thawed beautifully today with no cell loss-Day 6 expanded and starting to hatch. So the transfer is complete and I am on the 3 day bedrest. They ended up giving me two valium so I am settling in for a long nap. Thanks again for all your support. :)

He gives Valium to relax you so that you don't tense your muscles so much which makes it harder to get the catheter up the cervix. Like I am I supposed to easily relax with my legs velcroed into these things that hold them up and open, not to mention there are two embryologists, my RE and two nurses watching what's going on down there. I think he also does it to take the edge off since he knows we are all so nervous and self-conscious. Usually he only gives one but they ended up running an hour behind after I got the first one and knowing how difficult my transfers have been in the past he thought they should give me another one to make sure I was still relaxed. Well, mission accomplished. I took a nice nap waiting for my turn. And they covered me with warm blankets which made me even more sleepy.

Beta is not scheduled until 11/29, which seems kind of late for a Day 6 transfer. I will be taking a FRER next Sunday. That will be 9dpt so I think the result would be accurate by then. They told me that this embryo will implant today or tomorrow if it is going to. Hopefully I will have good news next weekend. You were definitely right, FET is soooo much easier. Usually my transfers are excrutiatingly painful, but today's I barely felt a thing. I think it is the lack of bloating from the ER.

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