CD9 anyone else?

I am CD9 and taking Clomid, anyone else on the same cycle? Sure would like to have someone to talk to

Well, in between the two miscarriages, I did go see an infertility specialist, since it was taking me so long to get pregnant again. They started me on IUIs right away, no meds, but didn't get pregnant. Then had an HSG, which showed my tubes were open and a couple of more IUIs, but still didnt get pregnant. Then our insurance changed, and with the new one, we don't have any infertility related coverage...not even diagnostic I haven't been back since March. I did get pregnant again on my own, though, in August (LMP July), but miscarried again in September. So, I've now had the reccommended "two period wait" and am ready to start TTC'ing again. My obgyn did suggest that I go back to the infertility specialist and maybe have some more testing done...I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've never tried any infertility meds, but...let's see...I'm taking prenatal vitamins and baby aspirin every day. Green tea, baby carrots, grapefrut juice up intil O. And new this month, evening primrose oil, rapsberry leaf tea and B6, also up until O. A lot, I know, but I figured it's worth a shot!

I've lost track...about 4 years w/ 3 miscarriages. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I just turned 40 last month & decided to switch Drs I really hope this will help. How about you, are you trying anything else? Is your Dr concerned or seem to think its normal?

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