NT testing done yesterday.. pic of my lil bean!!

Hi Ladies, I had my NT testing done yesterday. Haven't gotten the blood tests back yet but the ultrasound was wonderful. She said everything looks great. She pointed out the nose, which I know that's one marker they look for in downs. I was so relieved after that! The heartbeat was 166 BPM, and going strong! She said she wouldn't guess on the gender yet, but I will find out at 16 weeks. Which Yesterday I was only 12w3d but the baby was measuring 13w3d!! One week ahead!! I should know the results of the blood work Tues. or Wed. of next week. Here is a link to the lil one.. It's so adorable!! I'm so much in love!!!! http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa117/phall_2007/ultrasoundnov1507.jpg Patty

Thanks Ladies, I wasn't sure I would even get to this stage in the pregnancy. I'm so happy!!!

That's really nice.. thanks for sharing the ultrasound pic. Congrats on your little wee-one!

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