BFN Confirmed

I went this morning morning for my blood test and the nurse called this afternoon with the news the I am not pregnant. I am quite disapointed, although I figured as much since my hpts were negative. I still thought just maybe though. My biggest frustration is the amount of time I have to wait until pregnancy can be possible again. This was my first IVF round so I don't know the norm for taking time off? Has anyone had experience with this? I am just so ready to start Round 2 but I think they'll want me to take a month off. Anyway, I'm out for now. Good luck to everyone else!

Thank you Helen72 and Miky72. We have no frozen embryos but are looking forward to cycle 2. Hopefully the new protocol will be more successful. As hard as today's news was, I am so grateful for this website/forum, all of you are so supportive. Although my 2ww is over, I will be checking in and following up on friends I have made. Good, good luck to you all. Thanks to everyone for their support!

I'm so sorry for your BFN. My clinic also after a fresh cycle with a BFN wants a month off,then a month of BCP and the a new cycle so it basically 3 months altogether. Do you have any frozen embryos?

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