We recently had IVF and we're delighted to discover we were pregnant (1st time)! Had hcg done at 14dpo and it was 65. A bit low I thought but my clinic weren't worried and said come for an ultrasound in 2 weeks (making me 6wks PG at that time) where we will see the heartbeat. I felt very happily pregnant with the usual symptoms, lower back ache, peeing a lot, sore boobs, constipation, strong sense of smell....I was ecstatic! I had no pain at all except for very mild AF type cramps but certainly nothing I was worried about. At the scan we were devastated to be told there was nothing in the uterine cavity, and it could be cos its a 'late developer' and too early to see or it could be ectopic. This was so shocking but they sent us home (no blood test nothing) and said come back in 5 days (!!!) that night I knew if there wa a chance it was ectoic we at least needed bloods taken ASAP. The next day I demanded bloods and thank God I did. The Hcg was over 6000 and i was in serious risk of rupturing. Although i was in no pain and had no spotting or bleeding at all. I was taken into hospital the next day where they found twins, both with heartbeats, both would have been viable pregnancies. One in my only fallopian tube and the other in the corner of uterus where the other tube had been removed. This was devastating again. By now my levels were 9300 and the hospital were panicking. They cant do keyhole (laparoscopy) on me because past op's have caused so many adhesions in my abdominal cavity, so the only option surgically for me is a laparotomy - which you will know if you've had - is a horrible operation and quite major too. So they decided to treat with methotrexate, even though I didnt fit the criteria. On U/S my twins were the size of 7 wks 2 days old. They were 5.3 in size and of course my hcg was 9300. But they gave me the shot to see what would happen. Exactly 2 days (almost to the minute) of having the jab I got horrid abdominal pain that nothing could touch. The next day I was re-admitted to hospital and thankfuly my levels had fallen to 4800 in 3 days. The pain was controlled in hospital but I felt weak, sick and 'ill' basically. They let me out 2 days later when my levels were 1200. The pain lasted another day and then yesterday it seemed to have gone and I started spotting brown stuff which i presume is a good thing?? The thing is I woke in the night again with more pain. Not as bad as it has been but I dont understand why its come back...should I be worried? and how long can i expect to feel like this for? Im still nervous of a rupture or having to have the Op, though I know i probably shouldnt be, I just want to feel normal again and Im wondering if we ever do after something as traumatic as this... Everyone is asking 'will you try IVF again?' the answer is I honestly dont know. Im so traumertized by this whole experience I cant event think about it. Do you think the meth is even gonna work on someone carrying twins with high hcg and heartbeats? Im sending best wishes to anyone thats been through this, life can be really cruel sometimes xxx

My heart goes out to you. Hang in there, you will get through this and there will be happier times ahead...there has to be. I unfortunately don't have answers to your questions, but wanted you to know that you are not alone. I've been through a ruptured ectopic (first time pregnancy with IUI) which had to be removed by laparascopy/right tube removal. I am now on my first IVF because the RE said with IUI I have a very high chance of another ectopic. But I know that even IVF has a chance of resulting in ectopic, so I am hoping and praying for the best.

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I had an ectopic last february and they gave 3 meth shots because my levels were high and I had persistent ectopic (took 8 months to get my lvels back to zero). Hang in there it does get better. I'll do my IVF#2,if everything goes well,at the end of this month. keep us posted this forumwas a great help for me and for a lot of others. ((HUGS))

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