REALLY sad and upset - need help from anyone who's taken clomid

So this is my second attempt with clomid, and the first time was successful in that I ovulated, but sadly, I didn't get pg. I have PCOS and am also on metformin (for PCOS), and also took provera this month to get af. I'm VERY upset because last time in the week before I finally got my positive OPK result, I had many that were almost positive, and prior to that, I still at least had a pink line. I'm using the same exact tests this time, and last time I didn't get a positive one until CD 20 - I had also started my Clomid by accident a day late (misunderstood Dr) on CD 6. This time I figured since many take it on CD3 or CD5, I compromised and took it on CD 4, hoping that I'd O a little bit more on time. My point is, I'm on CD 15 and I've got NOTHING - not even the faintest of faint pink lines. This has been the case for every single test this month - nothing. I just took another HPT today to be sure, and that was a BFN. I'm especially upset because I just got an HSG done (also had BFN blood test done right before and got af), in hopes that this month everything would really work out since they say that you have a very good chance of getting pg right after having an HSG done. That is, if you produce a f'ing egg!!! I guess my ultimate question is - has anyone officially ovulated that didn't get any kind of line on the OPK until just a day or two before? Based on my first time with clomid and when I took it this month, I was expecting to O in around 3 days - but I'm not very optimistic at all since the strips don't seem to detect even a hint of LH. - very, very sad.

Hi all i am taking clomid 50 mg too last cycle. and this month i get my period this month. I am quite depressed of this even though i just started my hormone treatment couple months ago. my uncle is a gynecologist too, but since i am not in the same place with my uncle live at, sometimes i consult with him thru email. he said that, i should follow my gynecologist instruction to come again for my second clomid cycle. it has side effects of course. it can only be taken for 3 cycle in a row. after that stop for 3 months if you want to continue taking clomid. dont give up !! since i am with you too now. I am taking clomid and not pregnant yet now. May God Bless Us, so dont give up since we have to feed the positive energy in our mind and body so that the "fertility" will grow with it in our body and we can get pregnant. best regards wannabemomytoo

Well, I have been on clomid now going on my third cycle. the first month I didn't O by day 14, dr. made me come in for an ultrasound on day 15, I checked before coming in and still no lines came up. The ultra sound showed and egg on the follicles, they gave me a shot hcg to induce ovulation in next 12 - 24 hours and next day did IUI. No luck, then went to round two, the evening of day 14 I had pos. O test. Went in next day same plan, didn't work. Now I am on cylce three of clomid, but now they are going to give me prometrium to help be not to shed the lining of my uterus so quickly and maybe then I will keep the prego. I wish you the best of luck. I know that my second month I showed Oing, which didn't happen the first month. I don't know if any of this helped you, but I hope it gives you hope for oing this month. Baby dust to you!!!

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