painful periods

I have posted about m/c x2 and other things. My periods are 26-31 days long. my perods are 7days long. usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of period i have heavy bleeding looks like clots. i also have low back pain and ciatic nerve pain at times it feels like my girl parts are falling out. i have had to take lortab before because i could not even get out of a chair. Does anyone have simalar problems. my dr. does not seen to worried. but he never does. I do have a 4 year old.

WOW !! that is freaky i have terible [eriods that last 7 days or longer with clots i hurt so bad i sleep with 2 heating pads on high one on my back and the other one on my belly i had 2 m/c before i had my son who is also 4 years old and my doc is not really concered about the pain but he is concerned about how many days i go on my period and when i was pregnant with my son i had to take progesterone for the first 13 weeks now that i am ttc i have to use clomid cause i dont ovulate all the time. so if you have any info please let me know cause it sounds like we have the same problem

I am ttc now. my doctor wants me to start clomid then prometrium after I ovulate. I have been trying to decide what I want to do. I plan to start this after christmas. I was a little concerned about the clomid because it says it can cause mood swings ect. since I have such dramatic periods and get pretty moody anyway, I thought it might make it worse. I read where some women are taking asprin daily. Do you know what that is supose to do. With the bleeding and clotting during period and I do bruise easy I am not sure if that would be a GOOD idea.

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