Holiday Blues and How to count dpo after hcg shot?

I am a newbie experiencing my first 2ww after Clomid cd5-9 and an hcg shot CD15. I am now on CD21, and don't understand how to know which day I ovulated. I hear you O w/in 24-48 hours, but do I count CD16 or CD17? Getting my progesterone checked tomorrow--does that tell me if I ovulated? I know I can't take a HPT until day 14 after hcg shot, which falls the day after Thanksgiving, when I will be out of town with my whole family around! Very stressed, could used advice, comforting words, anything :-)

In my experience I ovulated around 36 hours after hcg trigger shot (confirmed by u/s). So if you did the shot on cd15, I would say you probably ovulated on cd17. Cd18 would be 1dpo. Best of luck to you.. I would buy some "first response early results" hpt and take them with you on your trip. Best of luck.. I hope it s a very happy thanks giving!!

Thanks Tanker--also, it is nice to see another person age 36 and from pretty closeby--OKC--as well. (Yes, I live in Dallas, but don't hold that against me.) I suppose I will take your advice, although part of me is afraid to find out the answer. Stay in touch.--Heather

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