I have been so irregular for the past year I just don't remember what it is like to be "normal" (just dx'd with PCOS this July--but not insulin intolerant) so I am unsure if the "symptoms" I am having are due to trigger sgot, PMS, or what! I think I am 6-7 dpo (progesterine tested Friday will hopefully confirm I ovulated after an HCG shot last Friday 11-9). AF due for me around 11/26. I took Clomid cd 5-9. Right ovary has pain (usually have follicle cysts there), have headache almost all day every day, bbs kind of burning and sore on the sides and front only, intermittent nausea, fatigue like crazy,and some front lower ab cramping. Anyway, sorry to go on and on, but how do you really "know"? I figure I would somehow spiritually feel it if I were pg, but I have tried to put it so far out of my mind because cannot really test until next weekend b/c of HCG shot. This is my first month trying, and I don't know if I am just getting my dose of reality about how much this waiting s*ks!

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