Ectopic and Cycles :(

I had an ectopic in June of this year, and ended up having the laparoscopy done because my levels were so high. My cycles are now so messed up, and its driving me first AF was 55 days post-op, second one was at CD I'm on CD 47 and waiting patiently (or not)...has anyone else gone through months of waiting to go back to a normal cycle??? My dr. is not willing to put me on bc to regulate at this time :(

I had a laparscopy in July. I didn't get my first period until 6 weeks later. Before the surgery I had 45 - 50 day cycles but now I have fairly normal 31 day cycles like clock work. I know its frustrating having long cycles like that I have had them that way since I had my daughter in Jan 2005. So I guess my situation is the exact opposite than yours. Just thought I would share my story. Hopefully you will go back to regular soon or the doc will do something. If you don't mind me asking, why won't the doc put you on bc to regulate them?

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