alcohol and methotrexate

hi all had 1 shot of meth last sat - levels are coming down, although still high. seem to find conflicting info about alcohol - my consulatant said i was ok to have a glass or 2 of wine this weekend, but i have read stuff about waiting until the ectopic has im not saying i want to chuck a bottle of wine down my neck but a wee glass would be rather nice..most of the stuff i have read seems to say that alchol is best avoided because of side effects, rather than it affecting the efficiacy of the meth.. what does anyone think/what have you done? thanks x

Holy Moly! I think you might be in the wrong forum. I did meth in my early twenties, but was able to clean my self up years before my pregnancies. You might want to seek some help unless you really want to go down a path that will end you up with no teeth, no friends, lousy health and no real future. There are tons of programs out there that will help you. You just have to do the first step. I wish you the best of luck, until then you might want to consider birth control.

Hahaha.. that was pretty funny. I've always heard the same thing that miky said about the liver. I drank after my shot, just limited the amount. My dh was also on methotrexate weekly for several years (for arthritis and psoriasis). He drank but not real often and never more than a couple. He had to go in from time to time and have blood work done to make sure his liver wasn't being affected.

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