IUI done

I had an IUI done yesterday....I had 3 follicles...Mu lining was around 9 and my husbands sperm were 14.5 million with 65 % motility rate....has anyone ever got pregnant with these numbers? Plz help me this is my fourth IUI? I am so helpless and depressed..people keep asking me when r u having a kid? what do I do??

Did they was your husbands sperms? Once they wash them they get good ones. I became pregnant with my first IUI last october. But I couldn't carry to full term. I miscarried my baby in the fifth month(feb 2007). After that I tried three IUI and was not successful. I just went t through first cycle of IVF and got pregnant. This also looks bleek. My dr said I will miscarry as she didn't see a heart beat in the last u/s at 7.5 weeks. You should not worry about others. Live for yourself. This will put you in stress. When we see other women having kids after kids, we worry because its not happening to us. Try not worry. You should be calm and stress free now. Good luck.

There were may follicles more than 50. But the day of retrieval they were careful enough to remove 19 out of that 12 made it and 7 were fertilized. They kept four out and froze three. Out of four one stopped developing. They transfred two. They told me that the third one stopped developing too. In the u/s they saw only one sac. According to the doctor its small please read my posting " Progesterone after IVF....unsure.. please help". Totally I went through four IUI's.

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