follistim injections

anyone one follistim injections? if so do you have any side effects?

I took Follistim for 4 cycles. The needle is small and you can give them in your thigh or your stomach (the thigh hurts less). There isn't really any side effects other than maybe being a little hormonal. There is also a "risk" of getting OHSS. I had this twice. The first time I got OHSS was during my first round of injections and now I have OHSS again after my 4th cycle...but I did get my BFP this cycle though! Best of luck to you and please ask any questions you may have!!!

thanks for getting back to me on the side effects.....i had a migrane (migraine) one day but thats pretty much it besides being hormonal....i am supposed to start my ovidel soon with an that what everyone else is doing as well? I found out the other day from a HSG test that one of my tubes might be blocked...but the RE assures me that i can still get pregnant.... i am just so emotional and drained....good luck to all of you

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