two misscarriages

had a misscarriage back in june at nearly 10weeks preg, was told it was a blighted ovum everthing developed except the baby. had alot of pain in my ovaries since and had an ultrasound scan last friday and she found a cyst on my right ovary, apprently nothing to worry about and it will go AWAY on its own. also monday had another misscarriage i had only just got the poss test. had blood done at docs to make sure my hcg was dropping. feel such a failure i am 20 nearly 21 and its heartbreaking. had acupunture done last week and i enjoyed it plus some herbal tea they gave me. its so expensive but am thinking bout having it regular after xmas. also got a gyn appointment in january to find out why i keep m/c. do suffer from painful periods and back ache around the time of the month. i ovulate every month theres no prob there, my period comes btwn day 22-26 no longer or less. has anyone had a blighted ovum or simular to me and had tests ? what could be wrong

I had two miscarriages this year. One in April and the second in October. My first I lost at 16 weeks and my second at 6 weeks but I found out at 10 that I had a missed miscarriage. Going through this is heartbreaking and traumatic. I just got back from my sister-in-laws baby shower that I threw for her. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’m throwing my sister hers in two weeks. At times I feel that I’m being punished. I had a doctor’s appointment last Monday. My doctor is wonderful; DH and I didn’t even bring the subject of testing up. It was the first thing she brought up after asking how I was doing emotionally and physically. She started DH and I on antibiotics twice daily for 10 days in case either of us would happened to have Listeriosis monocytogenes, an infection caused by the bacteria, can cause miscarriage, premature birth, or severe illness or death of a newborn. She mentioned that there was testing available to determine if we had this infection, but didn’t believe it was necessary given that the treatment to cure it is with antibiotics. DH and I will start taking those first thing tomorrow!!! I gave 6 vials of blood to test for Chromosomes, hormones and various blood clotting disorders and a few others. We should get our blood tests back in 1-3 weeks. The last test she would like me to have is called a HSG hysterosalpingography. It is a procedure used to diagnose certain problems of the uterus and fallopian tubes. A special fluid is placed into the uterus and tubes to highlight their inner size and shape on an X-Ray. One of the doctors who read a previous ultrasound of mine thought I may have a bi-cornuted uterus, this HSG test can confirm the severity of it. Or determine if I even have one. My Doc did mention that it is very possible that these test can come back negative. I told her that I completely understand, but I’m ready to find out either way!!!! Sorry so long, try and hang in there!

they say that a blighted ovum is casued by a chromosomes disorder. its so long to wait til jan all my friends have children and are preg. i would have been due dec 31st got that comeing up. really worried it will always happen the misscarriages and i will never concieve (conceive) and give birth.

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