What is wrong w/ people???

So one of my good friends found out she was pregnant. She's been acting like she's all happy about it. She tells me yesterday at 14 weeks pregnant that shes having an abortion. She knows what DH and I have been through. It just makes me so angry!!! Why do people like that end up pregnant? I was like have you considered adoption... She was like no I couldn't do that!!! What??? You can have an abortion... but not put the baby up for adoption where people who are longing for a baby would love & take care of him/her. :( I would take that baby in a heart beat before she did this.

Bdazzle, some people literally have no conscience. Even if they see a fetus, they disassociate to avoid responsibility. Well, they will have to face a higher power or karma or whatever you believe in, I known that in my soul. I would avoid this bee-yotch at all costs, she will just bring you down. She must be very insecure or jealous of you to go out of her way to tell you something like that knowing what you are going through. Then again, if she has no conscience she has no ability for empathy, so who needs a "friend" like that? Besides, ABORTION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL! It shouldn't be anyway. I am pro-choice but I personally could never have done it or do it. I have always felt that way, even before knowing I would have trouble ttc. My own sister has had 2 abortions, and now has two kids. Had I known about the aborted pregnencies before it was too late, I would have tried to intervene, but she did not tell me until months afterwards both times. It is been 15 years since then, and I have had to realize that we are just two VERY different people. I love her, but I do NOT respect her decisions, and the lack of conscience scares me. Good luck to everyone here, and know that at least this is a sfae place away from negative people.

My opinion, it's murder!! I mean it is at any stage, but after 10 weeks it's a FETUS!! And for her to know the pain that you have gone through and then try to explain it to you like adoption would be such a *sin* or some Sh!t!! WOW! Must be the hormones raging in me or something but I think I would go off on someone!!! I am SO sorry for this girls ignorance around you!! I'm sorry that you had to go through this! I really hope she changes her mind but let's face it, she doesn't want it now, whose going to be sure how "safe" she will be carrying it if she would happen to keep it for someone else to adopt it. Gosh it just makes me so mad!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone of this nature be allowed or able to have children?? Gosh I know it sometimes is just not the right time at all for some women or something going on medically so they maybe can't have it, but for her to just not want it, that's what gets me in a pickle! AND FOR HER TO TELL YOU!!!!!! LORD, DOES SHE KNOW SHE SHOULD HAVE JUST KEPT SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO HER STUPID SELF!!!!!!!! okay Patty.... calm down!!!!!.. breathe breathe... I am SO sorry PB!! I would give ya a big hug If I could!!!

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