Genetic and immunology testing before IVF

Hello! I'm 29 and I have undergone 1 unsuccessful IVF cycle. Before starting the next cycle, the doctor refered me and my husband for genetic and immunology testing. To complete the picture, we have one almost 4 years old son. That time I became pregnant immediately in the first cycle after stopping to take birth control pills (became pregnant normal way), had absolutely no-problem pregnancy. The child is absolutely healthy. A year ago I had ectopic pregnancy (got pregnant natural way) and due to doctors' mistake got both fallopian tubes removed, so after 9 months we tried IVF. In pre-IVF testing all the results returned back very good, I was hormonaly ok, my husband had perfect spermiogram. Three month later, when going for the real thing, the sperms suddenly were slow and we had ICSI performed. It did not work out, 3 of the frozen embryos also did not survive defrosting. However, we are not sure if there was no human mistake in the process becauce a few weeks ago I found out that the embryologyst had lied to us about the development of embryos at the time when we went for the first cycle. Now we are confused about the necessity of the additional testing (genetics, but especially immunology). Can it be that after getting pregnant in natural way twice (we didn't get to second baby because of damaged fallopian tube) I could suddenly be "allergic" to my husband's sperm? And can it be that after having a perfectly healthy child and having not even a single birth defect in a broader family we might be now facing a genetic obstacle for having a child? Thank you very much already in advance for the answers!

Personally I wouldn't think it was a genetic or immunological issue just yet. One failed IVF cycle is not an immediate indication of this. If you want the testing to be sure go ahead and do it. My husband and I did have all the genetic testing done on ourselves before we started IVF, but did not do any immunological testing. Everything was fine and we still have had two failures and there are no issues with us just low sperm count. How do you feel about your lab's errors? My feeling is that the lab is the key to an IVF success. The embryologist is responsible for the fertilization, the culturing, the freezing and the thawing and they are all very precise processes. If you are doing IVF/ICSI it doesn't matter if you are "allergic" to your husband's sperm, your eggs don't have an immunological response to your husband's sperm which is washed before it is used anyway. My personal recommendation would be to see another RE so you have a different lab and ask what their success rates are, their thaw rates, do they do ICSI as standard practice, etc.. The lab issues would make me the most uncomfortable especially if they did in fact lie to you. .

This is my last cycle in this lab. I already don't feel like going there. In summer I was told just to wait for 22nd day of my cycle 3 months after the previous stimulation and go straight there to start a new cycle. When the time came and I went there, different doctor told that she would not start stimulation until at least genetic testing would be done. That meant postponing the next trial for 2-3 months. We got genetic testing somewhere else, it's about the time to have the results back. At the moment I feel like going back to the same lab will help us get into the IVF process sooner. But that's really the only reason. In addition, I'm going to request different embryologyst. However, in case of unsuccess I'm not returning there anymore. Doctors have mistreated me already too many times (including, making me infertile). I have totally lost trust in them in general. However, I have 0 chance of getting to a baby without their help.

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