Hi ladies i avnt got my period yet and im not having any signs of starting. I usually do have period pains before i start but none im due today so fingers crossed. xx hows everyone esle doing

I will keep my finger cross for you. Hope we will hear some good news soon. miss_impatient - I also keep my finger cross for you too. Hopefully 3 of us will have good news by the end of this week. So far so good. Today is my 9DPO abd CD23. so far i haven't feel anything change. no morning sickness or anything. I just notice that everytimes when I did something, i feel tired more. other than that. NOTHING.

my fingers and toes are crossed for you =) im getting closer to my AF date and im not having any signs either but its a bit too early yet for them...i think today im CD 25 and 12dpo

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