What do you think about this drug Femara?

I have never heard of this drug Femara until I began chating on this site. I am very intrigued about it and kind of scared! I have heard it works better than Clomid and Clomid never worked for me. I have PCOS and I don't think I have ever ovulated. I also heard that Femara can also cause birth defects!!! Is this drug worth the risk, or what kind of percentage of women have actually had problems with birth defects and this drug. Is it a new drug? Is it still in it's trial and error phase? If anyone has an answer I would LOVE to know. Because the Fertility hormone shots got way too expensive for my husband and I after 2 months try so we are back to square one. Thanks

Clomid works by binding to the estrogen receptor and acting sort of as a "pseudo"estrogen. This binding makes your body "think" estrogen level is low (although it really is not) and causes a cascade of events that lead to ovulation. Femara is not a new drug...it is actually a breast cancer drug and they discovered it could be used for fertility because many of these breast cancer patients were getting pregnant. Femara acts in a different way than clomid. It actually inhibits an enzyme that makes the real estrogen in your body. In this way it actually reduces the level of estrogen and like clomid this induces a cascade of events that lead to ovulation. This is why femara works better in some people than clomid does (maybe in people resistant to clomid the drug does not bind the receptor very well and hence the clomid does not induce ovulation as it should). Clomid also has a very long half life, so that if you take it one month some of it is still around the next month and so on. This can lead to a thin lining. Femara has a very short half life and therefore does not lead to a thin lining. Femara DOES cause birth defects if you take it when you are ALREADY pregnant. If you are NOT already pregnant when you take femara it does not cause any more birth defects than clomid or general infertility. So if you take it on days 3-7, it is gone by the time implantation occurs (due to it's very short half life) and theoretically it cannot cause birth defects because it is not even around anymore. Therefore it is very important for your doctor to verify by ultrasound that you are NOT ALREADY pregnant before prescribing this drug for fertility. I tried one cycle of femara with ultrasound monitoring and an hcg trigger, I had no side effects from it at all and I got pregnant on the first try. I am almost 31 weeks now. I loved this drug and will try it again next year when we try to have another child. It is definitely worth a try in people who do not get results from clomid and it is much much cheaper than injectibles. Also I have heard femara gives better quality eggs (than clomid) and it also reduces the chance of multiples. (although multiples sound good to most women undergoing fertility treatments, having one child at a time has the best outcome). Best of luck to everyone!!!!

I am SO EXCITED for you and your babygirl!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! I saw the ultra sound picture, she is beautiful already, ha! I am bad because I have already bought several baby items and I have not yet become pregnant, ha! I really thought I was the second month of our infertility shots last year, but no such luck! I have not tried to get pg since last year and am getting anxious with all the babies being born in my family! Your story gives me so much HOPE and I know I am only 26 right now, but my husband is 34 and I know the longer a woman waits it only gets more difficult to concieve (conceive) a healthy pregnancy. I am a nurse (only for 4 years now) and ever since then I have become quite a hypocondriac, because I see so many terrible things. So when I googled this Femara drug last night while at the hospital and asked around the nurse station.....the thought of BIRTH DEFECTS is the only thing that stuck in my mind about this drug and all the good things about it just didn't sink in. I didn't not realize that Clomid made the lining of your uterus thinner. My worry is that if you CAN NOT be on Femera while PG then what if you accidently ovulate early and don't know or something, or the drug is still in your system when you do ovulate, would I have a baby with birth defects???? Also, don't think I am stupid, but this is my first time on a chat web site and I don't know what a RE is???? Is that my Reproductive Endocrinologist, Infertility specialist doc??? Okay, enough rambbling, thanks for your help, hope to hear from you soon.

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