Has anyone tryed this??

Monitor Your Sodium Chloride Ions A popular new way to detect the fertile days during your cycle is by monitoring your body's production of sodium chloride ions. Throughout your menstrual cycle, your body produces differing levels of sodium chloride ions. Approximately six days before ovulation, levels of these ions will surge. You can detect this surge by wearing an apparatus known as the OV Watch. This watch-like device is worn snugly against the skin and measures the amount of ions released in your perspiration. You must wear this watch for at least six hours a day from Day 1 of your menstrual period. It is recommended that you wear the watch while you are sleeping. Every 30 minutes, the OV watch will record the level of ions released from your skin. Up to 12 readings a day will be recorded. Each morning, read the results on your OV Watch. The watch will inform you of four fertile days just before you ovulate, of your ovulation date, and of one fertile day after ovulation.

So were to you buy this OV watch. Should I just google OV watch on the internet? This sounds like a better way than buying those expensive ovulation kits. Thanks

I haven't tried it, but my friend did and said it worked perfectly. Hope it helps :-}

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