very very confused about shot please help

ok i know what the hcg shot does but i guess i am just confused on my i got mine when i did. i have had normal cycles 29 to 30 for the last 6 months this month i was to call the doc if i got no period 15 days after a pos opk well i called on day 16 and they gave me my shot then. in all the other article people are getting them mid cycle. isn't this goig to through my whole cycle off

yes that is right i am so confused i guess i would have thought they would have checked my hcg to see if i was pregnant since my period has never been over 31 days. I wonder if the shot would have stopped my period aso thank you very much for responding

Am I reading this right - you got the HCG 15 days AFTER you O'd?? I usually get mine the day of a + opk, so that the egg is sure to be released... Not at all sure why you would get it so far after Oing...

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