boy or gilr

i need to know the gender of my baby i have a scan for 13 week

I don't know what your resources are there, but here they have a place called fetal foto and my friend used to work there. I went in for free all the time during my second pregnancy and they thought they were able to see the sex at 14 weeks but wern't a hundred percent so I came back in at 16 weeks and they told me. Thing was that my SON had hidden penis syndrome which probably made it really hard for them to tell. My first son had that too. I know that the doctors here wouldn't say until 20 weeks but fetal foto guarentees it at 16 weeks. They said before that it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between the sexes as they still look similar. There was an ad in my pregnancy magazine for finding out at 10 weeks via a urine test that you can order through them (or 8 weeks past conception) at and is said to be 90% accurate. I want to try it but my husband says I need to wait for the ultrasound at 16 weeks! Darn! The test is only $29.95. Might be worth it! I might convince him otherwise!

To my understanding, you can't tell if you have a boy or girl at least you are in 5 months pregnant. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving

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