Diet during Pregnancy

I tested positive on the HPT twice now and I know am preg. definitely. Can anyone please suggest what the best diet and vitamins / mineral supplements are during this preg. period or what should I take and what to stop eating so that I can have a healthy, brillant baby and a safe delivery as well. Hope to hear from a samaritan out there !!!!!

You can get prenantal vitamin at Walmart. If you drink coffee, try to reduce it down or stop completely. you don't want to have too much caffeine while pregnant. Cut down salt and sugar. no alcohol and smoking. There are alot of link out on the website can tell you what to avoid and what to eat while pregnant. Once you pregnant, you are not thinking you eat for you but you eat for your baby. the most food avoid: sushi, raw meat, deli meat, fish (certain kind becuase of the mercury) Good luck and congratulation of your pregnancy.

Congrats.. this is wonderful news. My dr told me to limit caffeine to one or two a day. I drink about a half a cup a coffee in the morning and no soft drinks or tea the rest of the day. Sometimes on the weekend I'll skip the coffee and have a DP or a iced tea. Just each lots of healthy balanced meals. Protein, dairy, vegetables, whole wheats and fiber. You wanna eat LOTS of fiber.. raisin brand is a good source. I had major constipation problems and that seemed to help a bunch.

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