IVF + Ectopic pregnancy and cycles

Hello all you sweet women in this forum, I have a couple of questions. I keep on hearing about ectopic pregnancies in connection with IVF. Does anybody have had one with IVF? How likely is it? And I'm sure like all of you guys, I've been giving myself these injections. I just started Progesterone three days ago (The rest orally). How long do you have to be on this drug? I always had a needle phobia but this one is giving me panik attacks. Do you have to be on all these drugs until you get pregnant or otherwise give up? Each month? What about the costs? Does insurance cover anything? Or is it just wishfull thinking? And last but not least, It seems like I have gained about 12 punds in 6 weeks, yes, I'm not exercising like a nut case anymore, but do I feel like a tubbster. Does it have to do with the meds?

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