when you wish upon a star...

I didn't remember this until yesterday when I was reading a question my friend answered on her myspace about if she had ever wished on a shooting star. This month I went outside in the middle of the night for some reason and looked up and saw a shooting star. I quickly made a wish that I would get pregnant soon. Then I came inside and told my husband (who was already in bed) that I had seen a shooting star. He said, "You should have made a wish." I told him that I had and he said not to tell him. Well then he told me that with his chinese a few days before he got a fortune that said that a wish on a shooting star would come true! ...And it did! I am pregnant!!! Just thought I would share that cute story! What a story for baby!

Congratulations! What a nice story. I hope all of your wishes will come through soon.

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