Perty's Baby Pic

Where is the link to Perty's baby's picture? We were both on the forum "way back when" and I'd love to see her beautiful daughter. Please repost it if you have it. ~Sue
Answers: Here is the link. It was in her profile journal entry. I'm so confused tho. She wasn't due for several more weeks and I didn't even know she had delivered until I saw this post from you. Did I miss an announcement?? I guess the baby came sooner than expected, but she looks wonderful in the picture so I hope everything has gone okay. Hannah

I think I found it by rolling over her name and it is in her profile. But I cant find her name now. Do a perty search and see if you can find it that way or maybe she is saved in your friends. Hope that helped. How are you doing? I look for your name all the time and hope you are getting promising testing results. Good luck, Lor

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