CD 3

Well AF showed up full force Saturday and well today is CD 3 so I start my clomid of CD 3-9 150mg. Poor DH I hate myself on that stuff let alone him having to put up with me. Good thing he loves me or he'd have to kill me.

Well shuckey darn!!! I was so praying for you, even my DH asked me who Brandi was when he heard me talking to my sister about you and your whole ordeal, (hope you don't mind me talking about you, but I was asking her to pray too). And he says, oh one of the women on the forum huh? Gotta love him! I am sending in a special prayer request on Thanksgiving too!! You will be preggers by Christmas if someone anyone hears every one who is praying for you!!! ((BIG HUGS)) Patty

I am sorry to hear AF. AF visit me soon (this sat) which i hope not. I craziest thing is 2ww and the sadiest thing is AF visit. mentally and emotionally we have to deal each month which drive us crazy If this month is not success, i will try next month and after that I just let it be naturally. I will stop taking medicine. I heard take too much clomid is not good for you. Wish you luck your next cycle. keep us posted.

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