possible symtpom?

alright ladies...i really promised myself i wasnt going to read into everything that i could think was a symptom but the oddest thing just happened... when i went to the bathroom i noticed that i have a lot more clear/white CM than usual and AF is due in 2 days..i thought that if AF was that close your CM would be dry and not as much? is that correct? has anybody else had this happen to them?

I understand about needing to get through the holidays. I'll be 9 dpo on Thanksgiving and can't wait to do my HPT, but don't want to while I"m with family. I have family all through the weekend. I know how impatient I am though and I"m sure come Thurs. morning, I'll decide last minute to pee on that stick! I admire your ability to be patient even though you are "miss_impatient" (-:

Can't wait to hear your results. If you believe in the book "laws of attraction" you're not supposed to "hope" for something, you just believe it "is". So, I won't be saying "I hope" to hear good news. I'll say that we both are "in the process" of expelling good news soon. (-:

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