Just got home from ER....what a horrible experience..:(

well as some of you already know im 6w4d preg. with my first tru gonal-f injections, ovedril and IUI...everything was going fun my first beta was 27, second 172 and third and final 903, the nurse told me i was doing well so she wasent rushing me for an u/s, well last nite i was getting ready to go out and i used to the bathroom and when i wiped omg bright red blood...i freaked out and i started cying my husband drove me to the ER...when i got there before they got me in a room 1 hr went by i wasent cramping so i was ok but i was freaking out worried, minding you we get there at 9pm...after putting me in the room, they started iv and sent this moron female doctor to do a pelvic exam, while doing the pelvic exam she told me rite away..honey your misscarrying, i was in shock for a sec. i dint get what she was telling me i just lay there, i looked at my husband and he dosent speak english so he was asking me what the doc. was saying and i dint know how to tell him, the sec. later i bust out crying, so my husband was like no way and he starts out crying we were a mess!! They took out what she was saying implantation tissues which meant i had misscarried, right away she talked talking to me about D&C and calling my OB i was like is this really happening?? i was soo not there, anywas this OB on call came, and did another pelvic exam and she also told me that it could be tissue from the sac. but she wasent 100% sure, while the other doc. kept insiting i had to have an emergency D&C, the OB in the other hand requested a vanigal u/s so i had to wear a cather i was dying....the whole ride to the u/s i was in tears...when we got to the room the nurse was really nice to me, and she was telling me how she had experienced a misscarriege and than all the sudden she was like wait a min...theres a heart beat and a sac!! i was like whattttt....she is like yes and she showed me and she even let me hear the heart beat, omg in that moment i if the doc. was in front of me i could have killed her!! she wanted to kill my baby!!! anywas they brought me back into the room, and she comes in she is like hey guess what good news...i turned out and i was like yes i know!! and you shoudnt be a doc. she really bicthy at me and she told me well we still dont know for sure what the tissues were maybe you had twins and you passed one, i was like soo mad i said whatever and blew her off! they had me spend the nite last nite beacuse my white blood cell was elavated so they put me on antibioctics, i just now got realsed i had another u/s this morning and this time we could see a fetus! the happiest moment of my life! i swear, im really mad at my RE too bacuse knowing my history he shoudnt not be so not worried, the tissue was nothing no other baby, my white blood cell is better, and i get to see my OB on tue. for another u/s. What i learned tonite is that some people shoudnt even be allowed to be doctors and that im greatful that everything is till ok!! sorry everyone if too long but i just wanted to share my long weekend!!

Thank you guys!! yeah my whole family was there too when all this was happening and they coudnt believe it! they even gaved me pamplets that talked about misscarrying and depression but of course my brother took them away from me he dint even tell me they had brought them to me later on..i codunt believe it, just the way she said it like she was so confident of what was happening, i could have understand if she would have said maybe we are not for sure, than it would have been different, but to tell me i needed a D&C it was just un real! when i was in the hospital i called my RE and they werent sure what to do...of course my RE never came to the hospital, my OB wants me to follow up with her in 1 week, but my RE nurse told me unless my RE releases me i cant see my OB, this is really confusing to me, so i was suppost to see my RE till the 27 but instead im going in tomorrow so i can get checked the relase papers, i dint know this was going to be so complicated...but i hope that everthing turnes out good now, i quit my job, i coudnt handle it anymore, plus they put me on bed rest so theres no way, this baby means a lot to me, so i will do my best to be safe! Thank you gals again for all the support and im sure ill be here all the time!!

I don't post very often but I have been following your postings. I am so sorry that you had to go through this horrific experience. I am delighted to hear that everything is o.k. It is awful that some doctors are allowed to practice medicine. I had a friend of mine that went to the ER with pain in her side and we thought that it was appendicitis; however the quack that read the ultrasound stated that she did not have appendix. What?? She had never had her appendix removed so it had to be there…actually diagnosed her with an STD and sent her home. We ended up going straight from that ER to another ER in the area and sure enough her appendix had ruptured; had they not done the surgery when they did, we could have lost her. That OB doc that came in was an absolute blessing…you will continue to be in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck!!!! ~Kristie

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