HELP from women over 40

HELP me anyone. AM I stupid to think there's hope for my sad sad situation. I have so much against me. I'm 40 years old with a reverse tubligation, fibroids, and a high FSH. I've done 4 IUI'S and 1 failed IVFI'm in a BAD position but I can't give up. I still have faith it's the only thing that keeps me from going crazy. Has anyone out there had similiar situations and still became pregnant pleeeeease HELP me.

Situation is not the same, but just as desperate. I am 43 years old. Have had crazy thyroid functions. Was diagnosed hypo many years ago. Stable on a fairly high dose of synthroid. After seeing my RE she sent me to internist to adjust my synthroid. Lowered it, lowered it again, and everything but TSH normalized. But, my TSH was super suppressed 0.01. Lowered my synthroid again and finally everything seems normal in terms of thyroid. In the meantime, I became pregnant naturally but m/ced at 7 weeks. No luck trying naturally since, so we are planning on IVF probably in January. My latest issues has been that last month I actually had no period. Don't know if it was the stress or just my thyroid adjusting to being normal, but I monitored for O this month and got a +OPK yesterday. So please don't give up, becuase then I will think that I am absolutely crazy.

Hi - you should be excited and hopeful! Donor eggs procedure usually have a very high success rate compared to other procedures since one is using a young woman's eggs. I'm 16w5d pg. I'm not sure what the cost is in Canada but my cost was around $18,000.00 which included the meds, donor fees, etc. I know that the price is terribly high, but since the success rate is very good, it's worth the money. Hope everything works out great for you and again wishing you much ssbd! Write anytime private or posting and I'll be glad to answer any questions or offer support. If you fill out a profile, you can write and receive messages. - jennifer

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