Temperature recordingg

hi i have been recording my temp since AF come it was around 97.4 before Ovulation. and now its not increased a lot its fluctuating b/w 98 to 98.1 .....I am 3DPO .....isin't the time for fertilization now Why don't i see an increase in temp I had 3 follies and a lining of 8.7 ....does any one ad these no and got pregnant... this is my fourth IUI? I have a diminished ovarian reserve though i am 31 only it is so scary...will I get pregnant? I am having not having any sympotms .....is it too early for it

I agree with Heather5. When I was in my 3DPO, my temp was 98.68. It's shift up and down daily. This morning my temp is 98.60. babyrush - The lining is the one I am concern. According to my nurse said, you must have at least 12+ lining to have the eggs implant. 8.7 is thin. even you conceive but when implantation time, your lining too thin for the eggs to implant. did your Dr. put you on Prometrium 100mg or 200mg twice aday? or did your dr. give you progresterone shot to help you uterus lining? Temp is not play a big role to your conception. I think during your ovulation/conception/implantation your temp must be above 98 and must pass your AF time. This is my 4th month keep temp and I noticed that on 14 or 15 DPO when i was about to start my AF, my temp drop below 98 then I knew I am going to have AF good luck Good luck to you.

Your temps sounds good to me :-) They've gone up 0.6 or 0.7 since O, which is good. What you're looking for is a temperature shift of at least 0.4 degrees. Good luck!

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